Kristen Lowitt is an affiliated researcher with the following projects:

Food: Locally Embedded Globally Engaged - "We use research partnerships to explore the current and potential role of community food initiatives to act as pillars of regional, sustainable transformation." PI: Alison Blay-Palmer, Wilfred Laurier University. 

Innovation, science, and trans-boundary environmental governance: Using social capital to enhance collaboration and co-learning in the management of the Great Lakes fisheries. PI: Gordon Hickey, Natural Resource Sciences, McGill University. 

"Farm to Fork:" Improving Food and Nutrition Security in the Caribbean - "improving the nutrition and health of CARICOM populations through sustainable agricultural technologies that increase food availability and diversity of food choices." Co-PIs: Leroy Phillip, Animal Sciences, McGill University and Isabella Granderson, Agricultural Economics and Extension, University of the West Indies. 

Community University Research for Recovery Alliance (CURRA) Project - "a research program of innovative, interdisciplinary research projects related to helping communities and organizations along Newfoundland's west coast develop strategies for the recovery of fish stocks and fishery communities." PI: Barb Neis, Sociology, Memorial University. 

Activating Change Together for Community Food Security Project (ACT for CFS) - "rooted in lived experiences, real community needs and innovative solutions, ACT for CFS amplifies and broadens conversation, research, and action to strengthen capacity for policy change." PI: Patty Williams, Applied Human Nutrition, Mount Saint Vincent University.